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Vintage New Moon Trailers


I was sitting around the other day thinking of one of my favorite movies “The Long, Long Trailer” starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez. They actually manufactured a model specifically to commemorate the movie.


When the movie was released in 1953 they actually took it to theaters to help launch the film. The camper that was used was a 36 foot long 1953 Redman’s New Moon mobile home. In 1954 they released the “I Love Lucy” model because of the great success of the MGM film release.


‘The Long, Long Trailer’ became MGM’s best grossing comedy up to that point and transformed Redman overnight from a small regional outfit (building one or two trailers a day) into one of the nation’s largest mobile home manufacturers (with five or six factories, producing hundreds each day).



This movie is too funny! The best part in my opinion is when Desi has the nightmare about the trailer brakes, too funny!



Look at those curtains!

History of New Moon Trailers

The company began in 1930, when, with no previous training in the field, Harold and William Redman, along with engineer Al Hathaway, designed and produced the first Redman trailer coach.

In 1937 the group incorporated the business as the Redman Trailer Company and established their first manufacturing plant in an Alma, Michigan, pickle factory. Initially, eight men on two production lines produced four to five trailers weekly. In the 1940s sales increased when the firm developed a significantly longer trailer than others in the industry.



During World War II Redman received government contracts to construct military equipment and housing, ammunition trailers, and hospital units, though the government eventually curtailed trailer home manufacture due to shortages of steel, copper, aluminum, and rubber.


Growth resumed after the war, as Redman and others responded to the housing shortage caused by soldiers returning from war. In 1953, when the company took the name New Moon Homes in response to the success of its New Moon brand units, it also began to advertise nationally in major magazines, replacing the concept of trailers with the new idea of mobile homes.


Redman Homes, also known as the Redman Trailer Company, New Moon Homes, and Redman Industries, a multi-divisional corporation with headquarters in Dallas, is the second largest builder of manufactured housing in the United States. The company also produces and distributes aluminum and wood building components nationwide.
I am amazed that with the large number of these units produced that there are not more of them around. I searched all over the internet and have only found two or three, so I guess there are not many survivors. Here is one I found in NY, it is a 1954 or 1955 New Moon,
The owners of this fine trailer have kept the colors the same as the one in the movie, FANTASTIC!
The inside is very clean. I would like to see more retro furnishings but everyone has their own style.
Kitchen looks great! I wonder if that is the original flooring?
Overall what a great piece of history to own!
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  1. That just blows me away that they could pull that trailer with a regular family sedan. Nowadays you’d see that behind an F-350 diesel with a 5th wheel…


    • It had a 3rd wheel which you can see above on the tung so there was no weight on the back of the bumper. I am sure that car had a big engine the biggest offered for that model. Like a V-8.


    • But the family sedan probably
      had a larger engine than most of today’s trucks. LOL
      Oh and gas was .18 cents a gallon!


      • Did the gentleman living in Lakeland FL ever sell his New Moon Trailer?
        I live in Tampa FL and would be very much interested in it.


  2. I own a 1952 New Moon and love it. We have camped in it for 31 years.


    • I envy you! I wish I was lucky enough to own a vintage camper of that caliber.


      • I have a 1950 New Moon that has been stored inside our home. It has been kept from the elements since 1974. I wish I could keep it but I need to pull it out & sell it since my wife is disabled & has multiple surgeries & can’t live in half a home. It can be viewed on CL in Lakeland, FL & I am taking a loss on price due to her situation. All info is verifiable & it has a clear FL title.


  3. I was born in July of 48. My parents had a 28 footer and when my mom was pregnant with my brother 1950 they bought the Lucy Desi New moon. We lived in it till I was 12 and a half. It was very very nice. My mom kept the most beautiful house/trailer. My dad was in the Navy and he towed our home up and down the east coast. Wish I knew where it was.


  4. I found out the trailer was bought by Irv Perch when he started building the Fold n Roll a trailer that also offered a front wheel. Where it went from there is unknown to me.
    I.B. (Irv) Perch
    Class of 1997
    Pioneer RV manufacturer since 1956. Founder of Aristocrat Travel Trailers, American Clipper motorhomes, and Fold n Roll. Invented the fold away “gaucho” bed, RV “potty drawer,” and “lo-liner” garagable travel trailers.


  5. The trailer used in the film is the 1953 36-foot Redman “New Moon” model, which sold for $5,345 at the time. The new car used to tow the trailer is a 1953 Mercury Monterey convertible with a 125 HP flathead V8 engine.,_Long_Trailer


  6. I’ve seen the motion picture The Long, Long Trailer some years back. I don’t understand the music box sounding tone playing a few notes every time the door of the trailer is opened. Was this some sort of novelty that was popular back then in trailers, or it some whimsy sound effect added into the soundtrack of the film?


  7. In about 1951/1952 my father bought a 1941 Moon trailer (NOT New Moon). When he bought it it was a shambles because the Masonite exterior was rotted, it had leaked and the frame (fishtail) in the back was rotted. A winter project, he stripped the Masonite, removed the rotted fishtail and re-framed the areas that were damaged. He covered it with flat, thick, heavy aluminum. It had a dinette in front, a small kitchen, a couple of closets and a bed in the rear, probable 16 or 18 feet long: No bathroom. He pulled it with his 1952 Chevy 6. Later he pulled it with his 1955 Chevy 6 station wagon and finally his 1961 Chevy wagon. In several camping events he got prizes for having the oldest trailer in the meet. Sometime around 1965 he sold the trailer and the 1961 Chevy together and got $600 for both.


  8. There’s a 52 New Moon for sale in Little Rock, AR. Just check Craigslist. $750.00.


  9. I don’t have on of the trailers yet but I do have something that is probably equivalent. I recently bought a New Moon Mobile Home Sale & Service dealership sign. It is about 6′ long and about 3′ high and 12 ” thick. It is a 2-sided light-up hanging sign with no reference to the actual dealership. I bought it from a RV supply company who used to be a exclusive New Moon Dealer in the 50’s & 60’s in Kansas City. The sign is in remarkable condition and I will eventually get around to restoring it. It is an art deco style sign that would be 1950’s style. How can I post a picture for everyone to enjoy?? -Brian Lawler


  10. David Hutchinson

    I know the owners of the New Moon you’ve shown here. I haven’t seen them in some time but if I do I’ll ask them if the flooring is original or part of the restoration though I suspect it’s not original.


  11. I know the owners of the New Moon in New York that you’ve shown here. I haven’t seen them in some time but if I do I’ll ask them if the flooring is original or from a restoration, I suspect though that it is from the restoration work that was done.


  12. I live in a “36” here in the ocala state forest. Great article!



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