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Our GE Partio Cart Has Arrived


Yesterday our General Electric Partio Cart arrived that we got from our friend Ed. We are soo excited! This is the same unit that President Eisenhower was impressed with, who called it “the most fantastic thing you ever saw.”


It arrived in great shape thanks to Dean who drove it out to us.


I can’t believe this is ours! I plan to restore it and have it up and running as soon as I can.


I love the umbrella! This unit is so cool because of all the versatility it offers.


Here is the control panel for the oven, burners and griddle. There is also a light just above the controls.


The oven side of this unit is pretty clean.


The inside of the oven doesn’t look like it was really ever used.


The white haze on the bottom of the cart seems like it will buff off. Thank goodness this thing is on wheels because it weighs a ton.


This is the BBQ side of the unit. You can see the holes on the back of the grill wall that is for the rotisserie. This unit is missing the drip tray so I will have to figure that out.


The fold away cutting board shelves on both sides need to be refinished.


Considering the age of this unit the umbrella is in great shape. It appears all it needs is some light cleaning.


This unit needs some freshening up but overall it is in great shape.


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  1. wow that is so cool!! can’t wait to see it in action! i guess if you got the oven part going, you wouldn’t have to worry about turning on the oven in the summer and heating up the whole house… haha.


  2. That is so amazing-congratulations on it-I’m jealous!


  3. Gosh that is beautiful! Can’t wait to see you guys spiff it up!


  4. Lucky you – it is beautiful.


  5. So excited to see this! I picked up a turquoise propane stove at an auction a couple months ago. It was out of a vintage camper and our idea was to someday turn it into a gas grill/outdoor stove. Hoping these pictures will help inspire ideas for my hubby. He’s a metal fabricator, so I know he can build something similar with it. Love your blog! I have learned so much from you!


  6. I have a partio cart, and it works like a champ, but the cutting boards and rotisserie spits are missing (I think the spits should be easy to find at thrift stores). I have a Partio Cart fan club on Facebook, which has the service manual, if you are interested.!/groups/Partiocart/


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  8. We have one of these on Craig’s list in Portland for sale, look up Partio and search.



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