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Voice of Music Tri-O-Matic Model 560A


For a while now Mel and I wanted to set up an area in our living room to listen to records. I love my library of digital audio files, but there is something about listening to a record that allows you to feel the music. I love how every single record is an event….heck some records are an experience. I love the visuals of the album cover and the back story that’s written on the cover.


We were out looking around at antique shops and came across this really nice The Voice of Music record player. I was drawn to it because of its hairpin legs and I am a sucker for blonde finishes.  


The cabinet is in great shape for its age. I will leave it as it is for now, but might restore it later.


It even had the original plater disc!


Looks like you can hook up an external radio…..maybe I can play my iPhone through it too?


I am currently looking for a matching tension pole record stand so it looks more balanced.


It came with its original operating instructions and…..


a record that is supposed to help you adjust the tone to maximize its audio quality.

IMG_8658This will get a lot of use. It is so nice to listen to my favorites like Marty Robbins, Jim Reeves, Patsy Cline, Lena Horne, James Brown and so many others.

Sculptured Maple by the Franklin Shockey Company


Mel and I drove out to Ceres California to take a look at a bedroom set we saw on Craigslist. The pictures in the Craigslist ad were not the best but it looked interesting. When we arrived to look at the set it was sitting outside basking in the afternoon light. The wood glowed and looked so nice.


These pieces were beautifully grained. This bedroom set came with a dresser, mirror,  nightstands and full size bed. This set is known as Sculptured Maple and was designed by the Franklin Shockey Company of Lexington NC.


The couple we purchased this set from said they were the second owners. This set came from an elderly lady that passed away that belonged to the same church that the sellers grandmother attended. When this elderly lady passed she donated all of her possessions to her local church.


This set is in pretty good shape considering its age. I plan to refinish the whole set to place in our guest bedroom. The style of these pieces remind me of Heywood Wakefield design so that is the reason why I plan to refinish the whole set with the champagne finish that Heywood Wakefield used.


Here is some history on this company……

Franklin Shockey Company was established in 1941 with around twenty employees. The founder and owner of the firm Franklin Shockey purchased the Cayuga Cotton and Linen Mills Inc. in 1941. Mr. Shockey converted the plant into a furniture factory and made tremendous expansions to create a large operation.


Originally the Franklin Shockey Co. was an investment firm located in New York. In 1940 Franklin Shockey and his business partner, George Ennis, came south to purchase plywood for a small wooden item Mr.Shockey had invented.


Though Mr.Shockey was successful in the furniture business he still remained very active  with his investment company in New York.


Midway Antique Mall 10th Anniversary Sale!

Come check out the complete facelift to our showroom & all the new merchandise. We’re offering 15% off from now through Jan 31st during Midway Antique Mall’s mall-wide sale (other dealers are offering 10-30% off)*. Free layaway and reasonable delivery available.
*Sale applies to items not marked ‘sale’ or ‘firm’.

Large Vintage Christmas Ornaments


Mel was cruising Facebook and she came across a post from our friend Ed. He had scored a huge collection of vintage and NOS Christmas ornaments and blow molds. These ornaments are huge, some are three feet tall! These ornaments were used to decorate stores and city streets. Ed said these were from a family that had a business where they used these to adorn different locations.


These are farm fresh. I need to clean them up, replace bad bulbs and make sure the cords are all good.


When these are lit they are so cool looking!


This piece is from the 50’s. It appears to be in good condition and just needs to be cleaned. The ornaments range from the 50’s to the 70’s. Ed has lots of other ornaments!


These will cast such great light in the backyard and will really be a point of conversation.


The reflective plastic gold inserts will need a freshen up with metallic gold spray paint.


Ed had only two of these so we jumped on them!


There are quite a few of these still available.


These are medium sized and could be used for more than just Christmas decorating, maybe a tiki room???


This lantern is NOS. We plan to try and hang it out front.


These are the smaller ornaments. We purchased two green and two yellow.


These ornaments are a rare finds. I don’t know if we will ever come across another opportunity to buy such cool vintage ornaments. We plan to hang some of these around our house, and some may end up in our shop. If you are interested in trying to get some of these vintage ornaments contact Ed at (916) 838-7880. Tell him Shane and Mel referred you. Here are some images from the original ornament catalog.


We got two of these!



Cool, check out the cab of that vintage Chevy truck.

IMG_9170Ed had one of these in white.

Witco Globe and Girl Wall Art


One of our readers reached out to me recently. She said she had a large Witco Globe piece that she was interested in selling. She said it had been in her family for years and now she was ready to let it move on. A couple of our friends had the same globe piece and we had always admired it, so we jumped at the chance to get one of our own.


The size of this piece is impressive. The design is so cool and will look great on our walls.


We have always been a fan of the Witco style. I love that defined grain and the chunky pieces.


Then, while we were out at our shop we noticed one of the other dealers had this piece and we loved it.


It is such an interesting piece. I wonder if there is a matching boy or if she was a stand alone.


These will be nice additions to our collection.

Vintage Fibrella “Le Barron” Pool and Patio Furniture


Our friends Donny and Romy seem to find the coolest things. A while back they scored this patio set and were looking to sell it. Mel and I saw pics of it and we knew it must be ours.


These were the photos Donny took of them. I wanted to just do a quick post on them before I start to buff and polish them up.


Even has original tag! Can’t wait to get these done.

1952 Stewart Warner TV Restoration and Conversion Complete!!


Here she is all done! Of course, this was originally a table top model but I couldn’t resist putting a lazy suzan hair pin leg base on it.

When Mel and I were first dealers at Midway I looked into Justin’s shop (Stellar Electronics) and I saw this TV cabinet. I remember thinking I would love to get my hands on it. Over time as I got to know Justin and he knocked out a couple of conversions for us I asked him about this TV cabinet. Justin said he actually had plans to dispose of it, so I asked him if a conversion was an option and he said sure!


Here is where we started with. This restoration and conversion was a little bit of a Frankenstein, but I think it looks great.

As in my earlier post about this television, I took the cabinet home and restored the case and dressed it up. We had plans to place it in our kitchen so we could watch the boob tube as we enjoyed dinner.


Once I was done with the restoration, I dropped the cabinet back off to Justin and he worked his magic. He found a donor television and mounted it into the cabinet. Justin also installed an HDMI connection!


The front panel flips down for your component connections.


Justin hid the sensor in the right knob. You can see the small hole.

Justin always manages to mount the remote sensor in hard to find locations.


As usual, TCM is playing. I think that is Ingrid Bergman on screen, not sure what movie though.


We are very pleased with how it all turned out. It is great to know that new life has been breathed into this old cabinet. Once more it will entertain a new family that will enjoy it for many years to come.


Oh, you also might have noticed our Moss lamp with the Hedi Schoop

figure mounted on it. What makes this Moss lamp unique and rare is that it’s also an AM radio.



I think we have all the conversions we have room for. I recommend that if this seems cool and something you might be interested in, to check with Justin of Stellar Electronics to see if he can complete a conversion for you.


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