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60′s Mod Lamp Restoration


Mel and I recently picked this floor lamp up.  It is so futuristic and has such a unique design.  We feel like this is a signature piece, but we were unable to find out anything about it.  We searched the internet for days and came up with nothing.  Regardless of the designer, we love it!


Here is a better look at the condition of this lamp.  This floor lamp had been in storage and got a little beat up over the years.


The first thing to do to get the restoration started is to sand down the entire piece.


Now that I have sanded down the lamp, the surface has tooth which allows the primer and paint to grab the surface better.


After I sprayed the primer, I put it out in the sun to make sure it cured and would have no issues with the paint.


I used a black satin finish spray paint.  I felt that a gloss paint would not have looked right.  After the final coat of paint, I let it sit in the sun for the rest of the day.  I also painted the underside of the shelf as well.


This restoration only took about a day and now its a new lamp.  The finished piece looks so nice and will look great in our new store at Midway Antique Mall.


I hope to eventually find out who the designer is of this lamp.  It is too cool to not have a known designer behind its futuristic styling.  This is a classic design that shows design can still be functional.

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Awesome Econolite Bunnell Silk Screen Score


Mel and I picked this up recently from a gentleman who is trying to settle his mother’s estate.


This appears to be the original frame!

This piece is a large size and is in great shape for its age.  It has some character to it, but nothing major.


I have always been a fan of Bunnell and we have many of his works.  There is something about his work that always pleases me when I see it.


I have only ever seen Carlo of Hollywood have an image like this.  Maybe Bunnell liked Carlo’s painting so much that he decided to make his own rendition.  I love both of their examples.


Here is the elusive Carlo of Hollywood Jungle Cats fight scene.


This is the makers sticker on the back of the Bunnell.  This piece needs new backing on it, but I can knock that out later.  This piece will be added to our other loved Bunnell’s.

Now Open!!!


Hello all,

As you may have noticed, we haven’t blogged in a bit.  Mel and I have been hard at work setting up our new store inside Midway Antique Mall.  Mark and Ann, the owners of the mall,  offered us the opportunity to set up our own store inside the antique mall!

Hepcat Restorations @ Midway Antique Mall

5130 Madison Ave, Sacramento, CA 95841


Here is the entrance to our new store.  Our official sign is still being made.  We should have it ready and hung in a week or two.


In our new store, Mel and I will showcase things from the 50′s, 60′s and 70′s.  As you can see, we have this lovely sectional made by Vladimir Kagan and it is in remarkable shape for being 40+ years old!


You might remember this bar from an earlier restoration I completed.  This was made by the Tropical Sun Company.


Here is a great set that some lucky customer will be the owner of.  The couch is a pinkish frieze fabric.  A pair of amoeba end tables and a boomerang coffee table with hairpin legs complete the living room set.  The dining table is super atomic with pink chairs and pink Formica w/ gray accents.  Also, as you can see, a few of our Carlo of Hollywood watercolors made it into the store…maybe more to come…


Here is the hutch I recently restored where I added an aqua accent to the top cabinet.


Here is the table & chair set I recovered with tiki style fabric with the pair of Hawaiian chalkware lamps I restored.


We have a real love for all things mid century and this store is packed with many of the items we love.



Love this Van Hoople painting above the hanging GE radio/phono.  The colors are soo cool!  We had on some Beach Boys while Mel and I were fine tuning the room.


After so many days of working on the store, all we wanted to do was collapse on the couch and chill.  Our official launch will be on May 3rd.  We will have treats and refreshments on hand for anyone who shows up from 10am-2pm.  If you have the chance, swing in!


Hepcat Restorations @ Midway Antique Mall

5130 Madison Ave, Sacramento, CA 95841

Our New Store!

HRSHello all!

Mel and I will soon have our own store inside Midway Antique Mall in Sacramento. Midway Antique Mall’s owners Mark and Ann were so kind to offer us an opportunity to have a large room to create our own store. The Hepcat Restorations Store will be open around the end of April. Mel and I have been out shopping to make sure we have all kinds of treasures to place in our store. We are soo excited for this opportunity and hope to help make Midway Antique Mall a destination not just an antique store.

Tiki Bar Upgrade


IMG_3369Last week sometime I drove out to the bay area to pick up this fantastic Tiki bar! It has such great color and design The gentleman I purchased it from said it was bought new by his father and was now his after his father passed. He hated to sell it but he had no room for it.

IMG_3374This thing is heavy as heck! What really caught our attention is how the formica is o the sides helping break up all the bamboo.

IMG_3371This bar is solid in construction. It tapers from narrow at the bottom to wider at the top.

IMG_3372This bar has a cutting board, drawer and a towel pole. There is plenty of room for storage too. This thing still needs to be cleaned up but it doesn’t need any kind of restoration.

IMG_3375The formica has a parquet style to it. I am debating if I will mount a tiki mask on the front of it. Now that we have this bar I think the tiki bar I restored previously will be sold in our store.

IMG_3368The best thing about this set is it has five stools and the upholstery is like new and they feel great to sit in.

Big Ol’ Daddy! (Large Dad’s Root Beer Sign)


Mel and I recently picked this up for a great deal! This thing is huge and is in 5 sections. It’s overall length is just over 10ft wide by 5ft tall. It’s painted on a hard board material.


This sign has a distressed finish. We are unsure how old it is but it is really cool!


We plan to put this in our shop. It will look great on someones wall!…..that is if we do not get attached to it.

Mid Century Oak Leaf Floor Lamp


Mel and I picked this up recently and we were not sure if we were gonna keep it once reassembled.  Little did we know how cool it was until our efforts were completed.

IMG_3199This is a floor lamp that stands almost 4ft tall.  When we got it, all it had was what is pictured.  It was also missing its mogul socket.  I went to a local lighting store and was able to find all I needed to get this lamp back in action.  I tried to find a makers mark and had no luck.  I also searched online for a similar lamp and was unsuccessful as well.

IMG_6412This is where the mogul socket should have been.  The mogul socket allows you to use a glass diffuser.

IMG_3342With the mogul replaced, I could then reassemble the upper portion of the lamp.  The great thing is Mel and I already had a shade that matched it, so it was soo easy making this look good.

IMG_3338Well after a bit of work the lamp is whole again.


Shazam! Here it is all done.  This is a keeper and will look great in our new place…..once we get one.

IMG_3344I really dig the gold streaks with the oak leaf pattern.

IMG_3341We will enjoy this for years to come.

Another 1950′s BBQ (Big Boy BBQ)


Mel and I were cruising Craigslist when I decided to search for vintage BBQ’s and SHAZAM!  We came across a 1950′s Big Boy BBQ.  This one is similar to the 1963 Royal Chef I recently restored.


The above picture is from the catalog and shows the particulars including the original price of $79.95.


I emailed the owner and had the pleasure to meet a gentleman by the name of Shaun.  He has a passion for things from this era just like Mel and I.


As you can see above, the compartment above the grill opens up and can be used as a warming tray.


That red knob in the picture above is to adjust the level of the briquettes which in return adjusts the heat.


This is the rotisserie and appears to be in good shape.  I’ll clean it up, oil it and with some luck it will run like new.


This grill had many of the original accessories including these way out tongs.


This BBQ also came with a lot of other accessories that are listed in the Big Boy BBQ book.  Here is what else came with this awesome grill:





Here are the two books that came with this grill:


I plan to keep the grill original and paint it silver with red accents.  This should be a fairly easy resto and I hope to start on it soon.

Pink Kitchen To Die For!!

This kitchen is on Craigslist right now in LA! They are selling the whole set up!!!! I wish we had our house already.











1952 Blatz Beer Cast Aluminum Advertisement



Mel and I picked this up last weekend while we were our looking for treasures. As you can see this has a lot of wear from what I suspect was exposure to direct sunlight. The sun caused the original paint to become brittle and to flake off the piece.



After hours of sanding and painting here is how it turned out. I tried to stay faithful to the original color palate by matching the paints we purchased to the original colors.


I had planed to also replace the original labels but I decided against it. There is a lot of wear on the labels but I can live with it.


Here you can see the holes in the base where the flag poles are placed.


I just found these on Ebay so I am gonna order them and it will complete this advertisement.


Here are some other cool advertisements release by Blatz!






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