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Awesome Econolite Bunnell Silk Screen Score


Mel and I picked this up recently from a gentleman who is trying to settle his mother’s estate.


This appears to be the original frame!

This piece is a large size and is in great shape for its age.  It has some character to it, but nothing major.


I have always been a fan of Bunnell and we have many of his works.  There is something about his work that always pleases me when I see it.


I have only ever seen Carlo of Hollywood have an image like this.  Maybe Bunnell liked Carlo’s painting so much that he decided to make his own rendition.  I love both of their examples.


Here is the elusive Carlo of Hollywood Jungle Cats fight scene.


This is the makers sticker on the back of the Bunnell.  This piece needs new backing on it, but I can knock that out later.  This piece will be added to our other loved Bunnell’s.

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Tiki Bar Upgrade


IMG_3369Last week sometime I drove out to the bay area to pick up this fantastic Tiki bar! It has such great color and design The gentleman I purchased it from said it was bought new by his father and was now his after his father passed. He hated to sell it but he had no room for it.

IMG_3374This thing is heavy as heck! What really caught our attention is how the formica is o the sides helping break up all the bamboo.

IMG_3371This bar is solid in construction. It tapers from narrow at the bottom to wider at the top.

IMG_3372This bar has a cutting board, drawer and a towel pole. There is plenty of room for storage too. This thing still needs to be cleaned up but it doesn’t need any kind of restoration.

IMG_3375The formica has a parquet style to it. I am debating if I will mount a tiki mask on the front of it. Now that we have this bar I think the tiki bar I restored previously will be sold in our store.

IMG_3368The best thing about this set is it has five stools and the upholstery is like new and they feel great to sit in.

Big Ol’ Daddy! (Large Dad’s Root Beer Sign)


Mel and I recently picked this up for a great deal! This thing is huge and is in 5 sections. It’s overall length is just over 10ft wide by 5ft tall. It’s painted on a hard board material.


This sign has a distressed finish. We are unsure how old it is but it is really cool!


We plan to put this in our shop. It will look great on someones wall!…..that is if we do not get attached to it.

Pink Kitchen To Die For!!

This kitchen is on Craigslist right now in LA! They are selling the whole set up!!!! I wish we had our house already.











1952 Blatz Beer Cast Aluminum Advertisement



Mel and I picked this up last weekend while we were our looking for treasures. As you can see this has a lot of wear from what I suspect was exposure to direct sunlight. The sun caused the original paint to become brittle and to flake off the piece.



After hours of sanding and painting here is how it turned out. I tried to stay faithful to the original color palate by matching the paints we purchased to the original colors.


I had planed to also replace the original labels but I decided against it. There is a lot of wear on the labels but I can live with it.


Here you can see the holes in the base where the flag poles are placed.


I just found these on Ebay so I am gonna order them and it will complete this advertisement.


Here are some other cool advertisements release by Blatz!





Second Helping of great finds

bellyWe are soo happy with our picking lately and love all the new items we are adding to our booths at Midway Antique mall.


Here we have some cool mid century items such as a very cool orange/red hanging chandelier, Vernon brown carafe, Go Go Girl drink shaker/mixer, set of 3 red enamel bowls, ceramic elephant piggy bank made in Japan and a Swedish tea set with tray.  All this will end up at Midway!


Here we have some additional Tiki items.  On the left we have an antique carved lion head,  Li’l black Mambo luncheon set, reproduction Hola Honey coasters, Tiki lighter and two new Tiki mugs.


Pink Asian bookends, 50′s salt and pepper shakers, seahorse trays, Handi Holder, Nap Grins cocktail napkins, Bobs Big Boy figure and a Novelty ashtray.


These cocktail napkins are soo unique.  Each napkin has a cool item attached to it such as a rolling eyes, baby’s rattle, small bottle, knife or bubbles.





3 General Electric Clocks and a vintage antenna.


Super atomic light, retro footed lighter, 3 Walter Bosse figures and a chime set with tongs.  I once saw a movie made sometime 1n the 1950′s where the main character upon answering the phone would play a couple of notes before he spoke.  I thought I would give it a try.

Walter Bosse Cat

The great thing about the cast iron Walter Bosse pieces is that typically, they serve a purpose rather than being purely decorative.  Here’s a cool cat cup holder.

Walter Bosse Fish

This is a fish ashtray.

Walter Bosse Seal

This is a seal holding a ball to hold hors d’oeuvre on toothpicks.


Kromex paper, wax and foil holder, Broil king broiler, double sided flip waffle iron and art deco toaster.


This is a unique floor lamp.  It needs to be rewired and a cool shade and its ready to roll.


Find of the day!!  Here we have a 1952 Blatz beer advertisement.  It’s large…about 2 feet tall!  As you can see, it needs to be restored.  I’ve already started on this piece.

Finally a Complete Set!



We now have a complete set of these balled furniture pieces. We plan to use them in our new place (excuse the boxes and bags in the reflection, we are in the middle of packing for our move). I am not sure but these could be the work of designer Roger Feraud, Mathieu Matégot, George Nelson or Eames. Who knows, there were a lot of folks producing these colored ball pieces in the 50′s & 60′s.


This coat rack is an umbrella stand as well.  It has a removable tray at the bottom that catches water.


The colored balls on this thing are huge and should be very effective in keeping our coats off the ground.


The curved handle is a nice touch.


These pieces look soo good together.  I don’t know what else is out there, but I think this is it.   The pieces need some cleaning up and new paint to make them look like new.

Some Cool Additions

Mel & I have been busy trying to keep our booths full at Midway Antique Mall.  We plan to head out this weekend again to stock up, but I wanted to make sure I show you what we were able to nab!  A lot of this stuff ended up in our booths, so make sure to swing by Midway if you’re in the area.

Here we have an awesome pink RCA Victor radio, Double Feature Hal Sherman cocktail napkins, Lustroware measuring spoons, Telechron kitchen clock and a souvenir piggy bank “Retirement Fund”.


Hal Sherman, born Harold Sicherman, was a comics artist during the Golden Age of Comics.  He was a gag cartoonist and was present at National/DC with ‘The Star Spangled Kid’, created with Jerry Siegel and published in Star Spangled Comics during the 1940s.

sherman_starspangledHal created a character called ‘Wonder Woman’ in 1940, which he wanted to sell shortly before the Marston/Peters character appeared.  Sherman was also present in DC’s Leading Comics and More Fun Comics, as well as Better Publications’ Startling Comics.  He worked on ‘Star Spangled Kid’ until June 1943, when he went into the service.  After World War II (circa 1946), he assisted Bernard Bailey on backgrounds of ‘The Spectre’.  Later, he returned to gag cartooning.  He also did work on the Harvey character ‘Spooky’.



Here is a never used pink pie safe, aqua colored Lux kitchen timer with box, pink and aqua Pyrex dishes and a couple of cute shakers.


This looks like a 70′s flashback!  We have a yellow ball ashtray, flower scale, 3 Viking Glass mushroom paperweights, ceramic  salt shaker and pepper mill made in Japan, mushroom hot plate and a small collection of owls.


Orange Western Electric message center with phone, cork board & phone book holder.  Also, we have a green Westclox wall clock and a Longines Symphonette (clock, radio, light).


50′s white basket weave lamps, Eater Island statue tissue box, chalkware skull, 2 Royal Copley panther planters and a large Japan made tiger statue.  All this stuff will end up in our Tiki room.


Vernon orange pitcher, Gladding McBean aqua pitcher, Striped Danish pitcher, Dansk red pot and yellow sauce pan.


Here we have a lucite MCM ice bucket, silver round Dansk candle holder, Heywood Wakefield colored lighter, black Dansk spider candle holder, Oscar Ertzide tall pewter 3 candle holder, multiple box’s of tapered candles.


Here are a couple of head planters.  I love em’!


I was on my own on this purchase.  Mel didn’t care for it!?  Anyways, this is a large vintage plastic bull head that I want to hang near our vintage BBQ.  This thing is like 3 feet across.


A set of really cool vases that will look killer on a 50′s coffee table.


This is a fantastic pink bullet planter that has screw in legs.  It needs a repaint but it is a keeper!


We got this really cool MCM ceramic server with lower warmer.


Here are a couple of 60′s patio tables.  They need to be refinished and glass for the top.


Here is a really cool hairpin leg table with wood grain Formica.  I need to refinish the lower shelf and legs.  I plan to use this on the patio near the BBQ.


This was the find of the day! This double sided sign of Betty, Archie and Veronica from Archie Comics is soooo awesome!  This thing is almost 4 ft. wide.  I am sure it hung in a comic shop.  This is soo cool…you know we will be keeping it!

1958 Melmac Flyte by Branchell


“A stunning new pattern that captures the flowing grace of bright wings in motion…..creates a striking rhythmic design that sends your spirits soaring perfectly delightful…. stylized pink, turquoise and charcoal gray birds that sweep across the mottles white “sky” in a blaze of brilliance.”

Mel and I came across this style Melmac awhile back and really liked its styling and have now decided to start collecting it. At first we thought this was a Herman Miller piece because of the little “H” like emblems on the plates.


As you can see the logo’s are very similar.


We just started collecting this set so we are still needing a lot of pieces. If anyone out there is selling pieces to this ultra cool design please let us know!


These are actually supposed to be birds.



Here is the original ad. This set will become our every day plates.

Kitschy Items for the Kitchen and BBQ


You are being watched by these little helpers in the kitchen.  (The names of the spices on this souvenir set are written in Finnish)

Call me crazy, but I love these little souvenir spice sets.  Each one is unique because it was hand painted, usually in Japan.  There were soo many makers of these such as Woodpecker Woodworks, Napco, Price Imports, Fitz and Floyd, Westwood Products, Ucagco, Norcrest Standard Specialty, MG and others.  Many of these were purchased while folks were on vacation in the states and all over the world.  Here are some we recently picked up.


I plan to use this set with the Royal Chef BBQ we recently restored.  I going to add a spice rack on the right side to hold these little guys.  That way, I can season the food as I cook.

Besides spice racks, these companies made all kinds of kitschy items for cooking including things for barbecuing!  Below are a few items we purchased off of Etsy.


As you can see, these were made by MG of Japan and I love this set.  There are 3 different characters to help you mark your steak; a bull for rare, a chef for medium and a cowboy for well done.  I also dig the holder, it’s a tiny corral!


Looks like I need to replace one of the toothpicks on one of the bulls.  It just makes you think that they made eating such an experience with little things like this to spice up a dinner.



This is what I would have on my steak, hate to eat a steak that is still bleeding.  These little guys are so cool.


Here we have a set of extended salt and pepper shakers for using on the BBQ.  This saves your knuckle hair from getting burned off when you try to season your meat.  I knew we needed a set of these to add some style to the BBQ.


Since I plan to also restore the other BBQ made by Huntington, I needed BBQ utensils and extended salt and pepper shakers for that unit as well.  Now that I have this, I need to purchase a set of spices to place in the tray on this BBQ.

There are soo many different kinds of souvenir shakers like these out there.  Here are a few other ones that I thought were cool:


This is a cool set made by Napco.


The colors on this set are great. These little guys even have earrings!


These shakers come in all sizes.  Some shakers are large or small or squatty like this set.


Here are a couple of black cat shakers.  The cool thing about this set is that they click together with magnets!


This set is known as the “I love Lucy” set.  A set just like this one sold on ETSY for over $100!


These two look a little formal.  He appears to have on a tuxedo and she has her mothers pearls on.

 These little pieces really help show your personality when in the kitchen.  Do yourself a favor and pick up a set that catches your eye and enjoy them.


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