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Moss Lamps Everywhere!!!!!!!!!

Mel and I fell in love with Moss lamps through a chance meeting with a gentleman we met off of a Craigslist pick. He showed us their true splendor and what an icon they are. We also have a Moss plaque and clock. Please enjoy the pictures I have attached. Most of the lamp shades have been restored.

Here is the history of the Moss empire off of the internet…

Moss Manufacturing Co. in San Francisco created the “lamps that spin” during the 1940s and 1950s. The lamps integrated motorized spinning platforms into their designs along with figurines from any number of ceramics firms during that era. These unique lamps had quite a visual impact. Most often the shades were “spun glass” and enormous in size.

Since metal was being rationed during World War II, Moss Mfg. decided to use plexiglass as the base material. Nevertheless, plexiglass turned out to be easy to work with and predominantly fitting for the fanciful Moss creations.

Thelma Moss, company co-owner, was the guiding force and motivation for the lamp designs. Duke Smith and John Disney were the designers who followed through by creating her vision.

Moss Mfg. quickly became known for other, sometimes, bizarre novelty items they created such as: aquarium lamps, fountain lamps, intercom lamps and more. There were even motorized “double shade” lamps with shades rotating in opposite directions independently. Some of the lamps were designed to double as clocks, music boxes, tables and room dividers.

The final Moss Lamps were produced in 1968. The rarity of the spun glass shades and use of plexiglass, along with the unconventional lamp designs, make these vintage lamps great collectibles today.

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  1. Lee Remedios, maiden name.: Lee J. Disney

    John Disney, designer & prototype maker is my father. I spent lots of time at the store and manufacturing facility located upstairs. Dad graduated from Schaffer academy of Art. He designed three lines of Moss products, one for New York, one for L.A. And local. Lots of stories and history. Thanks for reading this.


    • Thanks for the info. It must have been something to be in that atmosphere. I would of liked to have been a fly on the wall. The Moss lamps have such a great design and to me are timeless examples of mid century lighting. I don’t think they get the recognition they deserve. Do you own any of the lamps?


      • I have three Moss lamps, 2 table lamps and one floor lamp……were these lamps one of a kind or were they mass produced by the different ceramic artists????

        The table lamps have a blonde figurine that spins and the base lights up, the floor lamp has a 3×3 shade and the angled column lights from within

        Thanks in advance for your time


      • Hi Alan. These were mass produced by Moss of San Francisco.


  2. I just purchased a pair of Moss lamps today and they are so cool. I don’t think that the shades are original but the lady insisted that they were. They don’t look like any other Moss lamp shades.


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  4. I have one of these lamps also,I have one like the one you have pictured here with the blue asian statue that spins except the vertical piece of plastic is reversed to the other side along with the gold ball. the spinning figure looks like cleopatra on mine. What is this worth ? Everything works but no lampshade.


  5. Any ideas on getting dents out of a shade? Just found a great lamp with it’s shade for $10 (I nearly fainted) but the bottom ring of the shade looks like it was squashed at one point. I love it anyway but it would be great if there was a way to help smooth out the dents.


  6. My husbands famil have 4 Moss Lamps they’re trying to sell if you or someone you know is interested. I have pics I could email you.


  7. susan cassaidy

    Is there abyway to get a restored motor to make my lamp spin?



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