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Majestic Lamp Company

Melody and I love lamps. We have all kinds but we have not had the opportunity to get our hands on a Majestic lamp like the ones below. If you are not familiar with them they have a very unique design. The whole lamp is a piece of art from the main body to the shades.

In the early 1950’s the Majestic Lamp and Radio Company was reduced to making only their profitable lamps. These beautiful lamps were manufactured sold and marketed under the Majestic Lamp company name until 1963 when the company was sold to Westinghouse. Clifford Westinghouse made the lamps much more cheaply, with the thought that if he could get a Majestic Westinghouse Lamp into every house of America, then he would make millions on the replacement light bulbs.

Here are some picture of a few lamps we would like to have in our collection!

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"Z" Lamp

"Z" Lamp


Pictures are from Marfa Lights & Lamps

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  1. Simply stunning! Too bad they’re getting so darn hard to find and so outrageously expensive when you do find one :- (


  2. I also wanted to tell you Shane, not only how entertaining am I finding your blog (because it sure is!) but how informative & educational it is! You are a veritable book of knowledge & I’m learning so much. THANK YOU! Keep up the great work!


    • Thanks Vic. It is a labor of love. It takes me about 5 hours a day to update the website and to find info that I think you all would be interested in. I am soo glad that the info I am passing along has been useful. I will try hard to keep things interesting.


  3. Meredith G. Miller

    I have a “Z” lamp, that is painted black…….needs to be somewhat restored, but all in all, is in very good condition. I have no idea as to the worth. I’ll be glad to send pictures. I bought it at a yard sale in Union, KY., near Cincinnati two or three years ago, and am just now getting it out of storage and trying to determine the worth. All help is appreciated. Thanks, Meredith G. Miller


  4. The year 1963 was about the time when fiberglass shades were no longer popular and then discontinued by the mid 60’s hence that company changing hands at that time. The range in dates that I have seen in those lamps so far is 1953-1960 and they were most likely last made probably about 1962.


  5. Karen Buesing

    Any price guide for majestic lamps. I have a few and would like to know much they r worth. Also any information on Luxcraft, a Canadian company that produced look-alikes, some of which have sold on EBAY for high prices.

    Thank u in advance for any help.




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