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Holy Grail!

Oh happy day!

This is soo friggin awesome!

We located our dream bamboo set…….the very rare, very desirable 6 BAND bamboo furniture set! We only paid 2 bills ($200) for this set! This set is in great shape but I am going to re-finish it to make it look like new. I was searching on CL and there it was in Oakland. It must have been divine intervention for a set this desirable not to have been gobbled up.

This is known as the Godfather rattan set because in the movie in the scenes when they were in Cuba and Florida they were sitting on six band bamboo furniture.

Anyways, I found the fabric that speaks to me and here is a sample:

Mai Tai Hibiscus Bird Paradise Barkcloth Fabric

Here are some more pictures of this soon to be restored set.

That's right, count em 1, 2, 3......6 BAND! Happy Day!

The glass top is not original so I plan to remove it and replace the top and veneer it. I want it too look original.

I love the basket weave on the seat and back rest.

3 Separate Sections

Two really great chairs.


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  1. OMG! I think I actually gasped aloud and then hit the floor – out cold from the pure beauty of this furniture and the thought of the price you paid! AWESOME!!! LOVE IT!!! WANNA SIT ON IT WHEN IT IS DONE! I love the fabric to which you are responding for it…. I completely agree. You are truly blessed with a gift to “come across” good deals. Cheers! Sherry


  2. Shane——–what an awesome find…..congrats…..can’t wait to see the finished product….we might just have to go to the Alameda Antiques Faire


  3. Here is one my Holy Grails——–


  4. I had this same set as one of my “holy grails” also..but I ended up finding a 4band set instead.

    Its amazing how much of this is floating around.



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