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1950’s German Hutch From Craigslist

Hello all!

Mel and I were cruising Craigslist when we stumbled across this fantastic hutch for………….$60! I almost had a stroke when I saw how cool it was and then the asking price. Anyways after feeling came back to my right side of the body I fumbled for the phone and called the seller and Mel and I shot over and picked it up.

As you can see the surface was scratched and tired.

As usual with these sort of two piece hutches the top had scratched up the top of the lower cabinet. I knew this would be a quick fix. All I needed was a little fine sand paper, dark walnut stain, some spray polyurethane, car wax & 0000 steel wool.

Here I am stripping off the old finish.

I like to use Klean-Strip sold at Lowes to strip pieces. I also used it on the ice box from my earlier post. I use a scraper to remove the finish that bubbles up. It would also be useful to have a scrubby to agitate the finish to remove it. It is important to remember that when you use a scrubby on wood make sure you go with the grain of the wood. This stripper is harsh so make sure you wear gloves.

Wax on, wax off! It is coming along nicely.

Here it is the bottom portion after being stripped, stained and the first application of semi-gloss polyurethane.

I applied about 4-5 coats of spray polyurethane and then I let it dry over night. When I awoke I grabbed the car wax and my steel wool to clean up the new polyurethane surface.

As you can see the refinishing has brought the grain back to life and the polyurethane will help protect it for years to come.

Next we had to restock the cabinet with our collectibles. As you can see the glass has a really unique design on the front.

Here it is all cleaned up and sitting pretty.

This hutch has really unique handles on the cabinet doors. I love all the gold accents.

We will enjoy this cabinet for years to come.


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  1. gorgeous, as usual!


  2. Absolutely as gorgeous as the one you got from me but fits MUCH better in that space. I swear, you two are THE luckiest at finding the great stuff! It look beaufiful!


  3. I love this style, there is a seller in Germany that sells similar and their prices are astronomical but I always drool over these!


    • We really love this hutch. You don’t see them here too often. It was just luck that we came across two of these in the same year. It is amazing how different locations present different kids of antiques. I am sure where you are you see things we never see in the states and I am sure it is the other way around too.


      • I envy the lamps! I have 2 lamps I’ve brought back from the US myself but even if I see lamps at a reasonable price on ebay the postage is usually astronomical. I would have a houseful of lamps otherwise, would love a Moss lamp one day but they are way out of my meagre budget!


      • It is an expensive addiction. Plus, they take up a lot of room. I know what you mean about shipping, I see stuff on eBay overseas that I would love to get but it is not worth it once shipping is added.


  4. Holy cow that hutch is fantastic! Maybe I should start look at the Sac CL instead of the SFBay…. 😉



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