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Available Lucy Couch & Chair Set

Hey All,

Since we got a lot of inquiries about our new couch and chair set, I thought I’d pass this along. Our contact at Outer Limits let us know that he has this Lucy couch and chair set available. They are reproductions of the Heywood Wakefield style couches from the 50’s. This is direct from the manufacturer. The fabric is a really swanky geometric grey and white pattern with polyurethane silver grey. We own 2 sets of these couches in the the starburst pattern (now discontinued fabric) and we LOVE them. The couches are seriously built like tanks. Click the links below to see our sets.

Our Set 1

Our Set 2

Anyway, let me know if you’re interested and I’ll get you in touch with the manufacturer. Also, keep in mind that you can custom design sets using different fabric.


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  1. What a beauty. Any idea what they’re wanting for it? You’re giving me crazy ideation! I’m tooooo old to be doing entire room makeovers!


  2. I was looking at their site the other day. Question…do the two pieces fit together like a puzzle? I love them but I think shipping to the upper great lakes would be exspensive!!

    BTW, I found some ginormous Reglor lamps & shades today. Couldn’t resist buying them. In very good condition and the shades are great too. I’ll put them up on my blog soon. I may need a little encouragement to restore the paint and two small chips. The paint on the faces is cracking a bit.



    • Hi-no they don’t fit together like a puzzle. Do you want me to ask for a shipping quote to Michigan? I just need the zip code.

      OMG-I just checked out your lamps…I am soooooo jealous. I love them. Let me know if you get into a pickle while trying to restore. Even without a restore they look amazing. FANTASTIC FIND!!! It is so hard to find Reglor lamps with the original shades without spending a fortune.


      • Thanks, Zip is 49855.

        I picked the lovely lamps up for the whopping sum of $140 for the pair. My friends think I am nuts. They just don’t see the beauty. I think the lamps are gorgeous!


      • WOW..$140. You got those for a STEAL!! Amazing find. Shipping to your zip cod would run about $465.80. The set is posted on eBay for $1,650. They’ll come down to $1,500 to help with shipping cost, just make sure to mention Hepcat Restorations in your offer. Or, let me know if you’re interested and I’ll reach out to the manufacturer for you.


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