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Retro Up Our Bedroom

Well after a day of scrubbing and polishing I finally cleaned up the barber chair. It took a lot of huffing and puffing to get it into our bedroom but I managed without getting a hernia. I knew exactly where I was going to put it and knew I had to also put up the barber pole as well. I think it looks great!

I’ll love watching TV in this thing! Our sitting area in our bedroom is starting to come together. It needs a whole lot more Carlo’s and some retro accessories.

What’s that you say…..oh those Carlo’s in the back with the red frames. Let me tell you about them…

These Carlo’s were the ones we picked up at an estate sale a few weeks back that had frames that were painted black and were distressed and need a complete re-finish to make the whole package pop.

I also restored that red velvet shadow box I picked up last Second Sunday.

I had to sand off all the old dirty velvet ’till the surface was smooth. Once it was smooth then I sprayed it with primer and then once that dried I hit it with black.

I went to Lowes and bought a sheet of decorative sheet metal. I cut them to fit the backs of the box and then painted them. I am happy with its appearance. I will put different figurines in it once I decide what I am looking for.


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  1. That’s one great looking room! Really like what you did with the shadowbox as well. Very fun. I see you own some Heywood Wakefield as well. What great taste!!


  2. I *love* that barber chair — soo fantastic! Not to mention, wicked idea to put it in your bedroom. Thinking outside the (placement) box seems to yield awesome results!


    • Thanks Krista! I truly believe in re-purposing things that originally had a “utility” role. For example, using the Idaho Motel sign as a room divider. People thought I was crazy but it turned out cool. AND..the barber chair is fantastic as a movie watching chair..I’m sitting in it right BTW..killer Lane flamingo TV lamp. Our favorite TV lamp is our Lane marlin lamp…we finally broke down and purchased it after admiring it at a local antique shop for a couple years.



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