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1945 Chicago The Beautiful


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  1. Although I’ve never had the pleasure to visit Chicago, it’s now one place I really need to visit! Hope there’s some of this left to see…


  2. I love Chicago! Having grown up in Detroit, I distinctly remember my first trip to Chicago and how amazed I was that the city was so beautiful and vibrant. I couldn’t believe the contrast to the blight of Detroit. Don’t get me wrong, Detroit has it’s beauty…you just have to look a bit more.
    One of my favorite spots is Union Station. I love riding the trains! In June we are taking a train trip from Milwaukee to New Orleans–with a stop at Graceland, of course! I can’t wait!
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful clips!


  3. Mary Liz Moody

    Great post! I was in Chicago about three years ago at the Gravity Free conference held at the museum of science and industry. The city layout is still pretty much the same and many of the landmarks are still there. I can’t wait to share this with a dear friend who was born there back in 1951. Thanks again for these great time capsules!



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