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Time For A Change

Another great piece saved from a horrible fate.

Today I remembered that along with that old landfill hassock fan that I saved from the scrap heap and restored I also came across two old clocks. One was a Westclox (plug-in) and the other was a Big Ben (wind up). I tested the clocks today and the only one that worked was the Westclox. I had to replace the cord and spruce it up but it looks great now.

Here is the Westclocx dissembled and ready to be primered and painted.

After the primer dried I hit it with a coat of cool Valspar Evergreen. Now they just need to cook in the sun.

Here it is with the new paint. This will look great sitting on our dresser.

Now as I mentioned we had a Big Ben wind up clock to restore as well. After a good amount of time tinkering with it to keep it working I gave up. I couldn’t allow myself to just throw it in the garbage. I sat there thinking what I could do with this piece and finally it came to me. I decided to use it as a picture frame. I refinished it just like the Westclox but  mounted a photo in place of the hour faceplate. I think its a cool idea but I dont know. Let me know what you think. I will probably change out the picture that’s in there for something from my family. I thought old blue eyes would be a good substitute.

Here it is before its re-purposing.

I was able to strip the paint on the front of the clock down ti bear metal and polished it up.

I would of never done this if it worked. This was my attempt to make something cool from something that would of been discarded.


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  1. I think it’s a cool idea! I have one in each size that do work, but if I ever come across one that doesn’t, maybe I’d try that. Would make an interesting grouping.


  2. Brilliant! I absolutely love your idea of repurposing the clock into a photo frame!!!! It would have been a shame to just throw it away (something I find hard to do, heh heh).


  3. You mean you took the paint off the clock & were able to polish it to that shine? Wow. I’ve got a great old orange Big Ben that worked when I bought it but stopped when I brought it home (figures) but I simply cannot toss it! Maybe I’ll take it apart – oh yeah, right, then take it to the clock repair store. BTW – I like the frame idea, and Old Blue Eyes is NEVER a bad subject but I think a pic of you & the Adorable Mz. Kitty would be oh so much cuter :- ) Or even a black & white of the little boy Hepcat.


  4. It’s great you atleast found some use for this. Looks great as a frame and should live a long and happy new life…


  5. Ridiculously fabulous!

    (I’m clearly addicted to your blog)



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