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Heywood Wakefield Restoration: Rio Nightstands Completed

We picked these up from two separate places through our blog. Our blog has helped us meet some really great people and allowed us to acquire a lot of items we’ve been looking for. Thanks David & Vince for each contributing to the completion of our Rio Heywood Wakefield bedroom set!

Each one had condition issues but all they needed were some sanding and staining. I used the same product I mentioned before off of Ebay to restore our Heywood Wakefield Rio vanity. Like I said before, I am amazed at how easy the whole process was. Here is how they turned out:

Shinny like melting butter. I love the rich finish. I would use this to paint my car if it would stay on my car.

You must keep in mind the only way to get a completely flawless finish when applying any stain is to be in a paint booth with dust and particulate filters to purify the air. Let’s remember I am a DIY guy so I do not have a fancy paint booth etc., so I have to do my best to eliminate any kind of surface contamination. All that being considered they turned out great!

Now that I have finished these pieces I need to take them to a local glass shop to get pieces cut to protect the tops. I recommend this whenever it comes to pieces that are wood and have been refinished.

I went a little crazy here. I have a big roll of this tan leatherette material that I used to line the inside of the drawers to protect them from wear. I think I need help.

Now that I have replaced the felt on these two lamps they will look great on top of these nighstands (and won’t scratch them either).

I am very happy with the results. Now onto the dressers.



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  1. Those are absolutely GORGEOUS…. I don’t think a professional could have done a better job – you rocked it!


  2. gorgeous. great job.


  3. These look great! It’s always a challenge to get a nice finish. I go over each piece with 0000 steel wool between each coat, being as aggressive as needed to work out imperfections. By the time you get to the last coat, most of the particulant problems are behind you. I also use a compressor with a blow gun attachment and thoroughly blow off all pieces and the rags I use between each coat. This helps solve most of these problems.


  4. Sure looks more like a “little” sanding to me! But then I think ANY sanding is a PIA & a big fat mess! Obviously not my fav thing to do! But dang it looks gorgeous! That stain is a miracle! Very, very pretty Hepcat. – BTW – just wondering, will that stain work on the desk?? Boy wouldn’t that be beautiful!
    P.S. One more thing….This Sunday is the annual Peddlers Fair in Folsom. It’s always fun & I’ll be at the store.


  5. Hey Shane, it’s Jess over at Some Kind of Wonderful. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve included your blog in my selection for the Liebster Blog Award. I think you do such a fantastic job. You’re an inspiration!
    Check out my blog for details on the award. Pass it on!



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