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1965 Electrohome ‘Circa 703’ cabinet by Deilcraft of Canada

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Mel and I were at the Alameda Point Antiques Faire this last weekend that is held the first Sunday of every month. Since we are decorating a second location with space age and mod pieces, we knew we had to hit this faire. We are trying to stock pile a collection to help furnish our other place.


There were some cool items out for sale, but we were blown away by this Electrohome unit for sale by our friend Ed. He saw our Hepcat Restorations and the recent post we did on our newly acquired “Ultra rare RCA record player, radio and cassette player“.  At the bottom of that post I showcased other units I wish I could find, and this was one of them! We were so excited to see Ed had this and he brought it thinking it was something we would dig, and he was right.


They made…

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  1. Fantastic find!!!!! I’m jealous, you Guys find the best stuff out there. I’m a Die Hard junk collector specializing in Moss lamps. I recently got a great pair of spinners with the original shades, they are wonderful.



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