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1957 Sylvania Halolight Blonde Tabletop Television


Please excuse those unsightly cords,  I plan to remedy that soon enough.

A while back I came across this television in Sacramento.  I thought it might be a good conversion project for our friend Justin of Stellar Electronics.  Justin said he liked the tv, so I offered to pick it up.  But, once I picked it up I fell in love with it!  It was so clean and even had the original floor stand. IMG_0123

I asked Justin if he would be interested in a conversion trade for our 1960 GE conversion that he completed for us sometime back.  Luckily, he agreed.  The General Electric conversion was dynamite, but this style TV works better with our decor.


This television is now in our guest bedroom.  I refinished the cabinet to match the Franklin Shockey bedroom set in the room.  It all looks so fantastic together.


These are nondescript corner speakers.  I plan to replace the fabric on both of them with something atomic.  I’ll also refinish them in the champagne Heywood Wakefield toner sold by Jeff at Needful_Useful_Things on eBay.

These are the corner mount wall speakers that Mel and I picked up to complement the Sylvania.  I plan to rewire them and get them hung in time for the up and coming Sacramento Mid-Century Modern Home Tour.


Justin also added more modern connectivity to the back of the set.


Of course, this is what these televisions are known for, the ring of light on the front.  I am so glad we have a Halo in our collection now.  This is such a unique television.


This television has a pleasing glow and has multiple setting for the brightness of the surround.


We had this fantastic asian television lamp that I knew would look great on this set.  The whole idea of the Halo television was to make tv lamps obsolete, but I couldn’t help myself.


I plan to just have a DVD player hooked up to it so guests can watch any of the classic movie flicks we have in our collection.


 This was the last piece of furniture to add to this room.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the look of this room.


Vornado Floor Fan Model M-B38P1-1

Vornado Floor Fan Model M-B38P1-1
This is probably one of the coolest advertisements of all time! Could it be anymore atomic than this?!

I used this ad in an earlier post but I can’t help myself!  This is probably one of the coolest advertisements of all time!  Could it be anymore atomic than this?!

With summer quickly approaching we were on the hunt for a cool, nu pun intended, fan.  We have always loved the style of the vintage Vornado line of fans.  For you readers that have followed us for a long time you might remember the Vornado box fan I restored before.  I sold that fan and have regretted it ever since, so I am glad to have picked this up.


The thing that draws me to these fans in the way the body of the fan looks like a nacelle of an aircraft engine.

7661009298_3a775be0ebVornado kept in step with the demand for spaceage design.  Here is an example of how the body of the fan looks like the engine nacelle of an aircraft.


We found this fan at an antique shop in Chico last weekend.  These can run a pretty penny, but this one was priced well so we jumped on it.


This fan works perfectly.  It has three speeds and really moves the air.  I love this profile.


I don’t know the last time this fan was serviced, so I need to pick up some S.A.E. 20 oil.


As you can see, this is not in restored condition and I don’t plan on restoring it.  Cosmetically, there isn’t a lot wrong with it.  I actually love the patina.  Also, the one I restored before was a nightmare because of the supports that connect the fan motor to the outside fan body.  I’ve already cleaned it and waxed it to bring out some of the original shine.  I had to really scrub to remove the years of built up grease and oil.


These fans are built like tanks and are bulletproof!  We really dig this fan and hope to be able to use it for a long time.  We’ll have this cranked during the home tour because I am sure June will be a scorcher.

Vintage Grocery List

Vintage Grocery List


With the Sacramento Mid-Century Modern Home Tour quickly approaching, Mel and I went grocery shopping today.  We are trying to fine tune our collection to include grocery products from the period that will compliment our decor.  Today, we headed out in search of a list of items such as vintage bathroom, laundry and cleaning products.


We began our search at Antique Warehouse in Salida, California.  We found some really great pieces at that mall.  When the owner of the mall saw what we were purchasing, he gave us an unused, pre-war Zee waxed paper for free (pic above).  He said he wanted it to go somewhere where it would be appreciated.  He’s always been such a pleasure to deal with.


Our haul included a lot of unique and colorful items with such great visuals.  We are by no means authorities on this sort of collecting, but the experience has been enlightening.


We plan to stage areas in our home so the folks on the tour can feel as though they are in a time warp.


We love the imagery.  On so many of the packages, there are classic images of the ultimate housewife.


The advertisers of the day used bold lettering and bright colors to pull in the customer.


Many of these packages still had the original product inside of them, never used!


Like I said above, this type of collecting is new to us.  During our search, we had the good fortune to run into the owner of Antique Avenue in Manteca, California.  She is a large collector of items of this sort, and she took the time to explain what to look for when collecting vintage advertising products.  Her store was overflowing with all kinds of cool pieces like these.  Some of these vintage products can fetch a pretty price and can be highly sought after.


We love seeing the coupons listed on some of these pieces.  That’s a heck of a discount on the Vaseline!


Toilet paper is actually not that easy to find, for obvious reasons.  The TUMS box has original promotional books of matches instead of the actual product.  I guess these would be made available for passerbys to pick up.

IMG_9894 I think the score of the day was the huge box of Rinso Blue.  I love the imagery of all three of the pieces above.  We plan to get as much staged before the tour as we can.  It has been a fun experience getting into this sort of collecting.  I can’t see anything made today being as collectible as this stuff in 50+ years.  Also, an unitended benefit of us collecting these pieces is that they’re great staging props for future photoshoots at our place.  We seem to be getting more requests for that lately.

Sculptured Maple by the Franklin Shockey Company Restoration

Hepcat Restorations Guest Bedroom

Photo credit: Donald Satterlee of Satterlee Photographs

We picked up this set back in February.  We had been looking for a set that would work in our guest bedroom and this was it!


I decided to refinish it in the champagne stain sold by Jeff at Needful_Useful_Things on eBay.  I love the warm finish of this stain and have always been a fan of light finishes.


I love the legs on these pieces.


The footboard is very similar to the “Dogbone” style Heywood Wakefield footboard.

IMG_9822My pops is scheduled to come out soon from Las Vegas, so I’m glad to have this room ready for him.

Out With The Old & In With The New: VCT Install

Out With The Old & In With The New: VCT Install

Here is our tiki room/lanai with the new VCT “Granny Smith” flooring.  Photo credit: Donald Satterlee of Satterlee Photographs.

As many of you know, Mel and I live in a 1959 ranch style home that has a lot of its original features.  This home even had the linoleum in the kitchen from 1959.  Unfortunately, it was too far gone and needed to be replaced.  We wanted to replace the flooring with tile similar to what was used in the 1950’s.  After some research, we discovered VCT (Vinyl Composite Tile) produced by Azrock in a blog post from Retro Renovation.  I then found an authorized dealer/installer of Azrock VCT called S&G Carpet and more.  They did a fantastic job on the installation.


We replaced the flooring in our entryway, kitchen, laundry room and small blue bathroom with the Golden Fleece VCT.  We decided to use Granny Smith VCT flooring in our lanai.

Here is what we started with…


This was our entryway.  It appeared to be some kind of terra-cotta tile.  I was so excited to get rid of this!


This was our kitchen/nook area.


This is a close up of the kitchen flooring.  I wish it was salvageable.  It had a confetti of cool colors in it.


This was the laundry room area that had a 90’s style linoleum…ick!  It always seemed dirty even when cleaned.


This was the flooring in the small blue bathroom.  I did not dig this tile.  There was too much grout and it felt like a public restroom.


This was the lanai.  It was bare cement because the original asbestos based tile had worn off over time.  The installers had to patch a few cracks and rough up the surface so the tile would adhere.

Here is what we ended up with…


Good-bye terra-cotta!  I love how complimentary this flooring is to our decor.


This flooring makes everything look clean and gives a completely different feel to these spaces.


The Big Chill looks great with the new tile.


Here is the laundry room.

Tiki Room

This is a close up of the Granny Smith tile in the lanai.

We are so pleased with the final turn out.  If you are planning to join the upcoming Sacramento Mid-Century Modern Home Tour you’ll be able to check it out.  Details for the tour can be found here.  On our agenda next is the backyard and after that we want to get all the kitchen cabinets refinished.

Vintage Fibrella La Barron Lounger & Table Set

Vintage Fibrella La Barron Lounger & Table Set


Mel and I have snatched up vintage patio/outdoor pieces for our backyard.  We have yet to revamp our backyard, but we want to have cool pieces to put back there once done.  We saw this set on eBay and thought that shipping would be ridiculous so we passed on it.


I was cruising Craigslist a few days ago and stumbled across the eBay set in Livingston California.  This was about an hour and half drive from us!  I didn’t realize that the eBay seller was so close to us.


I jumped in the truck and shot down to Livingston California.  When I arrived, I was happy I made the drive because the set was in great structural condition! There is no physical damage to any of the pieces.


I plan to keep them the same color, but all of it will need to be refinished.


We are so pleased that this set was still available.  It will pair nicely with the other Fibrella Le Barron set we picked up a while ago from our friends Donny and Romy of Donny O Antiques.


These will go in storage for now, but hopefully we will start on our backyard soon so I can refinish these and get the backyard set up for social gatherings.

Our New Addition…1955 Chevy Bel Air Hard Top Convertible

Our New Addition…1955 Chevy Bel Air Hard Top Convertible


Well, after a long search Melody and I finally found the car we wanted. We came across this 1955 Chevy Bel Air that has a 350 V8 with a 700R automatic transmission. It has power steering, power disc breaks, vintage air, tilt column, auxiliary dash gauges with tach. This car is in the original color combo of ivory and regal turquoise. Researching the VIN it revealed that this was originally a six cylinder and was manufactured out of Kansas.


This Chevy is in great condition and I would consider it a mild custom.


Currently there is a louvered hood on the car, but we have the original hood with hood ornament. Our plan is to reinstall the original hood.


We also plan to add wide whitewall radial tires to enhance its overall appearance.


I do think the louvered hood is cool, so we will store it in case we want to swap it out.


The body is very straight considering it’s age.


The trim is in good shape and shines up nicely. When all windows are down it is almost like being in a soft top convertible.


This Chevy has a few spots with custom pin stripping.


Here is the other area with pin striping. The original hood that is not pictured also has pin striping.


The interior is in great shape. It isn’t original, but we love the color combo.


We have turquoise rubber floor mats on order to replace these black matts.


Something that puzzles me is why the previous owner put a tach on the column when this car is an automatic. My plans are to have it removed. I don’t see a real reason to have it, unless there is something I am missing.


Since we got rid of our 1955 Ford Fairlane and our 1970 Ford F-100 truck, we really wanted a nice Bel Air. I think we accomplished our mission. What we love is that the color is very similar to the Hepcat turquoise color.



I really dig these reverse rims with baby moons.



This louvered hood not only looks cool, but it helps keep things cool under the hood.


Currently, the back and side windows are tinted, but we plan to have it removed. We are not fans of tinted windows on classic cars. We look forward to cruising around town and antiquing in this little gem. I found the following videos showcasing the lineup for 1955 Chevrolet cars. It is in the usual 50’s flare!


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