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1970 Ford F-100 Sport Custom Long bed Truck


Well it’s been about seven months and Mel and I are getting comfortable in our new place. Anyways, I wanted to share with all of you a new member of our family. We recently picked up a really clean 1970 F-100 Truck. We needed something that could haul a lot and had an open bed.


Here he is….I decided to name him Hoss!


Dan Blocker as ‘Hoss’ Cartwright on Bonanza! He is the trucks name sake.

I was cruising Craigslist as usual and came across this really clean truck. This truck was blue originally but one of the previous owners had it painted in this color scheme, I dig it. It doesn’t have original wheels on it, these are vintage Bronco rims.


I don’t care for the aftermarket side mirror. I already ordered ones correct for this year truck.

 This is not a show truck but it is in really great condition. This truck has a V8 with a 360ci engine and is 2WD and an automatic. This truck runs really well considering its age. I need to recover the bench seat (already ordered new covers) but the rest of the interior is in really great shape. One of the best things about this truck is that it is pre-smog! This truck works like a truck and rides like a car. It rides smoother then my 2011 Ford F-150. This is all because of the twin I beam suspension.


The paint was faded when I got it so I spent a few days rubbing it out and was able to bring back the shine.


These trucks are starting to get a cult following. I have owned this truck for a few weeks and whenever I drive it I get approached by guys asking me about it and re-living the nostalgia of when they owned one. As you all may already know, Mel and I own a 1955 Ford Fairlane and a 1962 Ford Econoline van. I don’t get half as much interest in those as I get in this truck, it’s a trip!


1955 Ford Fairlane Sedan


1962 Ford Econoline Panel Van


Here is Hoss at the archery range where I practice.

IMG_6334Because I want this to be an original, non-custom truck I just knew I had to make side boards for it. My step-father Dave is a furniture maker so he was able to help me with this.

This truck will serve us for many years I hope. I am out of space so this will be the last vehicle adoption for awhile.


Merry Christmas!


Milo & Kozmo Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014

We just wanted to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Thank you for all your support this past year, it’s been great.

Vintage Lane Rooster TV Lamp


As usual Mel and I were out hitting our usual places last weekend and came across a really cool rooster Lane TV lamp. The cool thing is that I am starting to have a chicken thing going in our vintage kitchen.


I don’t think I have ever seen a rooster TV lamp as of yet. I just knew it would be a nice compliment to the top of our 1962 pink Frigidaire refrigerator.


I already had two chickens that now flank the rooster TV lamp just like the one below.


I think together they make a nice set. I really love the light the lamp throws on top of the refrigerator. Remember you can use TV lamps anywhere that makes sense, they are not just for TV’s anymore.


These have such great color and look great together.


I love the shadows and light it throws when the light is on.


These look nice with the other items we have in our kitchen.


These are LARGE ceramic roosters fighting. We got these a while back at the Sacramento Second Sunday Antique Faire.


These hang on the side of the vintage General Electric stove. I love the splashes of gold.


These little fellas are on our lazy susan center piece on the dinner table. I think they are Royal Copley.

1962 Product of GM Pink Frigidaire Refrigerator


When Mel and I moved into our fifties ranch style home we knew we wanted to find a vintage refrigerator to put in the vintage kitchen. We couldn’t see a modern one looking right. As usual, I was cruising Craigslist and I came across this fantastic pink refrigerator!


This refrigerator was produced in 1962. What makes this fridge unique is it has flare fins that extend out on the front edges like a pink Cadillac.


I tried to capture the flare on the edges in the above photo.



Here are some interior shots of the fridge.


It is so cool how they added design to the simplest things like the utility/butter tray.

Obviously we need to go grocery shopping, ha ha.


This fridge was beyond dirty when we got it. It took hours of cleaning to get it to look this nice. I dig the aqua accents on the front of each shelf.


Here is the interior refrigerator light with this cool writing “Flowing Cold“.


Of course, it also has a freezer as well.


This is the hands free foot release to open the freezer portion.


Here is the lower freezer.  A lot of folks think putting the freezer on the bottom is a new idea, afraid not!


I love the script they use to label things.


We plan to enjoy this pink dream for as long as it wants to keep working. It sure makes a statement in our kitchen.

fa1Here is an ad from 1962. It appears they made it in aqua as well!

1940’s George Telo Lithographs printed by Moss & Company of N.Y.C.


I have always been a sucker for lithographs. I’ve been on the hunt for George Telo pieces for a while now and came across these 6 on eBay. George Telo was a legendary poster-maker and master of mid century airbrush art. A highly successful artist, Telo was particularly well known for his Latin-themed figures and for producing posters and billboards advertising the Rockettes in New York City. These pieces are 16″ tall by 10″ wide.


These Telo pieces are 3 sets of couples. Though he did a lot of Latin themed pieces, he produced many different works and themes.


These lithographs are done so well and with so much detail. His style reminds me of Gill’s Hawaiian pieces.





 I want to get these framed as soon as possible to prevent any damage to them. I will make sure to show you these once they are framed and hung. I look forward to finding more of his works and learning more about this prolific artist.



Anniversary Sale @ Midway Antique Mall

Midway Antique Mall Sale

Come celebrate the 10 year Anniversary sale at Midway Antique Mall. As part of the sale, Hepcat Restorations is offering 15% off of items in our shop, except for those marked “firm”.  The mall is also doing a food drive for the Sacramento SPCA.  Anybody who brings in at least 10 oz of unopened dog/cat treats or food (no toys) will receive a 10% off coupon for a future Midway Antique Mall purchase, no minimum purchase required.  Free 90 day layaway is also available.

Old MacDonald’s Farm Sign Arrival!

388629183_71d636e67b_zAfter a long process (almost 3 years) and a lot of red tape, the sign has finally made its way to us for restoration.  If you’re interested, here are links to our other posts so you can see our journey up to this point.

February 15, 2012-Petition to obtain sign for restoration

April 16, 2013-Proposal to Cordova Recreation & Park District Board of Directors

IMG_6507It was a little scary moving it around, but fortunately we had enough help.  The Cordova Recreation and Park District was kind enough to deliver the sign to our location.

IMG_6513I was pleasantly surprised at the size of the sign. When it was up it was hard to get an idea of its real size.

IMG_6514I plan to start on the sign when Spring hits. I will restore it with sign paints as it was originally painted. Of course, I will have to treat the galvanized metal with an adhesion promoter before I paint.

IMG_6518We are still on the hunt for a clear image of the sign. We need an image that shows what the sign looked like before the ravages of time. IMG_6520 Thank you to all who submitted a petition to the Cordova Recreation & Park District to request that we restore this sign and all the readers who supported this effort.  Special thanks to Jo Anne and all the members of the Rancho Cordova Historical Society for all they have done to make this a reality.  It will be great when it’s all done and in the Rancho Cordova Historical Society museum.


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